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City to City Private Charters

Executive Charter

Inter-State Aviation Inc. offers affordable private charter missions getting you above the weather and delivering you to to your destination in comfort .  We offer the following aircraft for Private Charter Missions:  Cessna 340 Pressurized Twin, Cessna 210, 206, 182 

Aerial Photography

The palouse and surrounding area offers breathtaking geographic features.  Aerial photographers come from all over the world to photograph our canyons, rolling hills and endless wheat.   Call us to schedule an aerial photography flight  today!

Learn to Fly!

Flight Introduction

Have you ever wondered what  it would be like to learn to fly a plane?  Inter-State Aviation Inc. can arrange a flight introduction where you can put hands on aircraft controls and experience the joy of flying an airplane. 

Book Your Flight Charter with us Today!

(509) 332-6596

Learn to Fly!

Enroll in Flight School!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly?  Visit or call Inter-state aviation and schedule an introductory flight with a certified flight instructor today.  

(509) 332-6596

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