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Using  MyFBO Scheduler

Once your MyFBO account is activated with us you can begin scheduling flying or ground school with an instructor. You need to be sure that if you intend to schedule a flight, that you RSVP both your instructor AND an aircraft, The screenshots below will guide you on how to use the scheduler.

STEP 1:  Click on Schedule Menu

STEP 2: Then Choose Single Day or Date Option

MyFBO Scheduling

This will open up a menue where you need to choose your instructor and an available aircraft.   

STEP 3:  Choose Instructor Name, Aircraft ALL

STEP 5:  Click on View/Schedule Button

STEP 6: Click On Checkboxes to RSVP Time.  

Using the column headers, choose your flight instructor and aircraft availability.  It is important to note that each check box clicked is thirty minutes.  Make sure you have selected enough time to accomplish your mission plan.

STEP 7:  Click Submit Schedule Request

Once your schedule request has been submitted you will receive a text or email confirming the RSVP.   

Learn to Fly!

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